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Both components are weighted equally in identifying bargain stocks. Check customer satisfaction when picking stocks Should fall in returns worry NPS investors? A Look Into King's Glory: Net income or net profi t is the residual profi t left after charging depreciation and payment of interest and taxes.

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Exercise, diet apps boost health in youth.

CFO measures the strength of the business. You are liable, not your ITR preparer and here's how to save yourself.

Outperforming consistently Why analysts are bullish on this stock "Liquidity problem is being overestimated" Wealth: Piotrosoki emphasises on fundamental improvement. Get instant notifications from Economic Times Allow Not now You can switch off notifications anytime using browser settings.

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Here's how to go about it. The ratio shows how much money a company is generating on its sales. This is any quality that makes it almost impossible for a competitor to overtake the company regardless of how much money the competitor is willing to spend. How to beat the market With so many factors influencing the stock markets, how can one identify stocks that will ensure success? Mickey- The money making mouse. How different forms of gold are taxed 6 financial mistakes to avoid this festive season The cashback on your shopping could be taxable How to buy gold online?

But our study does not take the names thrown up by wwalth filters as the last word. Get instant notifications from Economic Times Allow Not now. Spa Treatments, Luxurious Meals: More from Spend News.

Equity mutual funds witness lowest redemptions in 12 months Equity mutual funds saw lowest redemptions in the last 12 months in October, AMFI data shows. Avoid these 8 mistakes while writing a will to ensure your assets are passed onto your heirs. Janardhan Reddy arrested in Bengaluru. Therefore, have a strategy and let it work. Facebook expands its dating feature test to two countries.

However, to keep weak stocks out, he also applies the earnings criteria. Researchers worked on certain deep brain structures to identify the common pattern.

Here's how to review your portfolio. Get instant notifications from Economic Times Allow Not now.

Epapeer biggest shopping spree. Drag according to your convenience. Not yet linked your Aadhaar with these 6 services? Apart from these, Buffett also looks for an enduring moat in a company.

Alteria launches Activate to connect startups. No e-tickets after Be very agile in making stock selection.

Will absence of Aadhaar details of borrowers affect P2P lending? One important aspect of the Magic Formula is that it does not work for small cap stocks, utilities and financial companies.

For determining the market average, we have used the average shares outstanding of BSE companies. How safe are the 'safer' debt mutual fund categories?

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