Saxophone pentatonic scales

When first learning to improvise, most musicians begin with learning both the major and minor pentatonic scales. For the Blues in F - use the F minor pentatonic scale, and so on. Here we have flattened the five in the accompanying C minor chord to accommodate the G in the pentatonic line—making it a Cm 7 5 half-diminished chord. Even when playing straight up or down the scale it sounds already like a melody.

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Later during the past years or so music became more complex, using different saxlphone within the one composition. How about brighter pentatonics? Insights like that described for, for example, Gb pentatonic to C7 alt. There are two solutions for each case. As we would expect, one of them is the C minor pentatonic.

They greatly increase your technical facility and knowledge of each scale. If so, join the Jazz Education group and post your question there! Apart from the root, the two essential notes in any dominant chord are the major third and the minor seventh.

Saxophone/Improvisation, pentatonic and blues scales - Wikibooks, open books for an open world

Improvisation is a skill that requires the musician to take melodic ideas that they've learned and to then spontaneously and artistically construct the melodic lines in a way the expresses a mood or feeling.

Play-a-Long midi file Basic Blues in F: There are three standard pentatonic scales contained in the seven notes of a C Dorian scale.

The bassist, for instance. Hence the majorness of the scale. Here we have flattened the five in the accompanying C minor chord to accommodate the G in the pentatonic line—making it a Cm 7 5 half-diminished chord.

E minor pentatonic replaces the fourth, F, with Gthe diminished fifth characteristic of the Locrian mode, useful over pdntatonic chords:. These are the minor seven, sharp nine, flat thirteen, flat nine, and flat five. We saw it above; it is just like the minor pentatonic, but with its fifth raised to a become a minor sixth instead.

Instead it contains the F natural, a tension note in C major that wants to resolve to the E that is absent from the scale. Hi Anton I like what I read and it is nice to get feed back like this. It makes sense to also speak of the sus pentatonic scale, which is the second mode of the major pentatonic scale:. View all Anton's latest posts. scapes

Jazclass - Jazz Theory 11 : PENTATONIC SCALES

In sus chords, the major third becomes an inessential note, replaced by the fourth. Write the major pentatonic scale in all keys on the Scale Letters Diagrams.

Listen again to an example of the G pentatonic scale used over C. The Blues scale is therefore a flavour scale. In the key of C: Indeed, a C major pentatonic scale can be used over a C major chord. Observe the diagram of the D pentatonic over C, as well as the next brighter choice, A pentatonic:. Substituting one note for another in a pentatonic line will change the shape of the line, but it does not much change the overall harmony implied by the line.

When you are comfortable playing the scales straight up and down, practice each scale sasophone in patterns.

Pentatonic & Blues Scales

Which chords can you construct from the C major pentatonic scale? The obvious pentatonic approach is to omit the two brightest notes of the C Mixolydian scale—namely, the major third E and major sixth A —leaving a B pentatonic scale. Here is a summary list of the pentatonic scales that can be used over a C chord and their uses…listed from darkest to brightest.

By contrast, the brighter G pentatonic in which the C, the darkest note of the C pentatonic, is replaced by the brighter B is a fine choice for C major improvisation. Existing scales - and newly constructed ones - were used to compose new melodies. The notes of that scale are precisely the notes in a C 9 sus chord, as we can see here:.

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