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The lawsuit, filed in U. Retrieved 27 April Are you saying you are employed by MonaVie corporate? I applaud you for diversifying your income and not putting all of your eggs in the MonaVie basket. Magazine among others also did big articles on Equinox back in when they were one of the fastest growing companies — where is Equinox now?

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I enjoy this and intend to drink it until I find something that can replace the convience and quality of this product. It is free to join Mona Vie.

My product can be bought on the internet, through a direct employee or through me, an independent. Individual distributors were encouraged to build their own sales networks by recruiting new distributors to sell the products referred to in multi-level marketing parlance as a "downline" ; the recruiter could have, in theory, received additional commissions based on sales by their downlines.

So, How much do you exactly want to wager? To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: We invite you to investigate nutritional news as related to the functional beverage industry.

I speak to a ton of people daily. Retrieved July 13, Try getting your info from sources not affiliated with MonaVie. Intelevision celebrities Oprah Winfrey and Brovhure. We compare MonaVie's Acai product specifically - with other Acai products. In Quixtar, a sister company of Amway, filed a multi-count federal court complaint against the MonaVie company and 16 of its top-level distributors who had previously worked with Amway.

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It is natural and there are lots of very credible folks that back it including doctors and scientists. Maybe you were burned by a company in the past.

This is the search bar of the Florida Corporate Database. MonaVie products were sold by non-employee distributors who were eligible to receive commissions based on product sales.

Alex Schauss speak in Feb and have read his book. Do your due diligence, research a bit deeper. Again, I am not dealing with your issues with the marketing, I am looking at the research. If you want my distributor number let me know.

Retrieved May 22, Schauss has gotten in trouble before for falsifying his credentials. Again, Monavie is NOT all natural.

Fruits of MonaVie Brochures

The company was the subject of several controversies. My wife, who hates them, actually signed up with a makeup mpnavie so she gets the wholesale price.

Drink it, Feel it, Share it…. I am not trying to convince you of anything one way or the other. The original product is. There are other tools available, but some of the key items for retailing -- the cost was unreasonable in our opinion. Much of that work has been done for you already.

I know from my insurance background not to cite anyone for exactly the reasons Oprah is angry about. People like you make me laugh, brrochure up the entertainment lol. Total ORAC per apple: It might not be around 10 years from now.

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