Men of mathematics by e.t.bell

Not only that, many of them did their magnificent work in the face of desperate odds against them, like Abel and Galois. It's definitely no unbiased retelling of the history of mathematics furthermore, about 80 years have passed. Feb 12, Philipp rated it really liked it Shelves: Two criteria have been applied in selecting names for inclusion:

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Would you like to report poor quality or formatting in this book? A span of less than a hundred years covers everything of significance in the French Revolution or the American Civil War, and less than five hundred leaders in either played parts sufficiently memorable to merit recording. It must be difficult to write biographies of mathematicians.

With a few trivial displacements to fit the social background the chapters follow the chronological order. Mathematics then has had four great ages: Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. This brings us to what at first sight from the conduct of several of the men considered here may seem like a significant trait of mathematicians -- their hair-trigger quarrelsomeness.

All the points mathhematics a segment of a straight line, for instance, have no such clear-cut individualities as have the numbers of the sequence 1,2,3, When these criteria clash or overlap in the case of several claimants to remembrance for a particular advance, the second has been given precedence as we are primarily interested here in mathematicians as human beings.

Copyright by E. It covers them in chronological order based on the birth date I think. Aug 11, Santino Maguire rated it did not like it. But overall, this is a great ach I mwthematics liked math, but this was the first book which gave me a great idea of the matuematics of math. I probably read it when I was around It made the subject of maths and the mathematicians come matnematics life.

Following the lives of several of these men we get the impression that a great mathematician is more likely than not to think others are stealing his work, or disparaging it, or not doing him sufficient honor, and to start a row to recover imaginary rights.

Crown Jewel of Mathematics by John C. Even professional mathematicians often skim the work of others to gain a broad, comprehensive view of the whole before concentrating on the details of interest to them. We were looking for stories about these men and not an explanation of the math they did, an explanation, which in my opinion.

Each chapter summarises the life of a mathematician sometimes two, if their lives are intertwinedwith about a quarter of each chapter being reserved for details on one or two discoveries.

Men of Mathematics by E.T. Bell

Buy from another retailer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Stranger yet, not all professors of mathematics have been mathematicians. The problem becomes more desperate as we approach our own times.

The author Eric Temple Bell was himself a competent mathematician, but his main claim to fame is as a mathematics historian.

The worst part however, is that "back then" typesetting of mathematics was difficult and expensive. So we shall attend also to some of the things which the great mathematicians have considered worthy of loving understanding for their intrinsic beauty.

This time around, I was familiar with at least the names of the important mathematicians, and knew a little about their work. I founded two laser companies, Florod and Laserod, still in operation, both contributing significantly to the Microelectronics Revolution still in full swing.

They may have a point, but they may also risk losing their audience in the process. Men of Mathematics (Touchstone Book) eBook: E.T. Bell: Kindle Store

A book about the lives and contributions of the greatest mathematicians up to early 19th century; the book starts with some. I learned some neat tidbits, and some pretty cool math, but mostly I get to say I read the damn thing and have it look impressive on my shelf. Yesterday the Newtonian "law" was a commonplace which every educated person accepted as simple and true; today Einstein''s relativistic theory of gravitation is where Newton''s "law" was in the early decades of the eighteenth century; to-morrow or the day after Einstein''s theory will seem as "natural" as Newton''s "law" seemed yesterday.

Several of the greater mathematicians have had more than their share of physical danger and excitement, and some of them have been implacable haters -- or, what is ultimately the same, expert controversialists.

The break occurs about the yearand is due mainly to Isaac Newton Trivia About Men of Mathematics.

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