Dueling banjos

About Eric Weissberg Multi-instrumentalist Eric Weissberg will always be remembered as a one-hit wonder for his smash "Dueling Banjos," but that was only a small part of his lengthy career as a studio musician. The song was made famous by the film Deliverance , which also led to a successful lawsuit by the song's composer, as it was used in the film without Smith's permission. It was the first track on the soundtrack for the film, and the only newly-recorded song. Weissberg was not informed of this action in advance, either. Please sign in or register to post comments.

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The film version was performed by Eric Weissberg on 5-string banjo and Steve Mandell on acoustic guitar. Redden could not actually play the banjo and the director thought his hand movements looked unconvincing.

Dueling Banjos by Eric Weissberg and Steve Mandell - Songfacts

Archived from the original on August 22, Eight More Miles to Louisville. It was also used in a popular Showtime promo.

Listen on Apple Music. A local musician, Mike Addis, was brought in to depict the movement of the boy's left hand. The song also reached No. Retrieved banjoe " https: Earnest Energetic Playful Rambunctious. Addis hid behind Redden, with his left arm in Redden's shirt sleeve.

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Dueling Banjos

In Deliverancea scene depicts Billy Redden playing it opposite Ronny Coxwho joins him on guitar. Hard, Ain't It Hard. Retrieved 16 June O Brother, Where Art Thou? Careful camera angles kept Addis out of frame and completed the illusion, though anyone familiar with bluegrass banjo playing can see that the left-hand movements do not match up with the music produced, and that the banjo being used an open-back instrument could never produce the music one hears clearly from a resonator banjo.

Fire on the Mountain. Listeners Also Played See All. End of a Dream.

Weissberg and Mandell seized the moment and formed a band that they called Deliverance. A movie was being made of Southern poet James Dickey's best-selling novel Deliverance, about a group of suburbanites who go for a hunting trip in the woods that has unexpected consequences.

Multi-instrumentalist Eric Weissberg will always be remembered as a one-hit wonder for his smash "Dueling Banjos," but that was only a small part of his lengthy career as a studio musician.

As part of his other session work of the time, Weissberg received a call to perform music for a film soundtrack. Weissberg had been playing in folk bands since the '50s, and was a popular studio musician who played on Judy Collins' albums. The blistering virtuosity of duelign Eric Weissberg and Marshall Brickman ripple through such traditional numbers as "Shuckin' the Corn," "Little Maggie," and "Mountain Dew" with such fervor and passion, it's hard to believe that all this music is coming from two city slickers.

The music itself duelkng dubbed in from the recording made by Weissberg and Mandell and was not played dueing the actors themselves. Not that he had ever bamjos such work. The film version was arranged and recorded by Eric Weissberg and Steve Mandell, but only credited to Weissberg on a single subsequently issued in December To be fair, once the all too familiar opening strains of "Dueling Banjos" pass by, the song shifts almost into a completely different structure, becoming quite complex and mesmerizing.

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Mid Century Masters of Labor Song. Originally recorded in under the title New Dimensions in Banjo and Bluegrass, these tracks were subsequently released along with the addition of the featured piece "Dueling Banjos" as the soundtrack for the Burt Reynolds film. Introspection Late Night Partying. Records singles Instrumental duets.

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