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Johnnie Talamantes on February 28, We do not any more Wave 1 products at retail price. SFG has a serious "over promise, under deliver" problem for another example, see the Guild Ball mystery boxes from last year that didn't actually match the description used to sell it. He was over in Iraq serving. Pathfinder 2nd Edition

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Check out our AMA Calendar for our latest information. Finamore on March 13, For those wishing to file a complaint with the FTC or Michigan Attorney General about this Kickstarter, I have posted up some examples text to use in those forms.

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Lord Palladdium - Wednesday, 28th February, Submit a new link. Their original licensor Tatsunoko has been losing court cases in Japan over who owns the international copyright to Macross. Kevin Sembieda explained the various woes and ignored the biggest woe of all, Kevin Sembieda himself.

Palladium's license for the game expired on March 31st,and is not being renewed. Share this project Done. I bear Palladium no ill will, but if they do go down, I hope that Pinnacle is able to pick up and pal,adium with some of their IP. In that case I'm even more shocked that they spent so much on it for something that worked out so poorly.

I have sent several messages to various people wanting to join the FB group that is planning a lawsuit against these con-artists but FB has stopped me from using the message function fearing it may be spam. I'd love to see Reaper or FFG get the miniatures license. It's actually a lot of fun. If I can't get that, I plus many others I'm sure with be looking into a lawsuit against you.

For example, if the project is about building a museum, with rewards being tickets to the opening, with a clearly communicated level of uncertainty we need to identify sites, get planning approval, raise additional money, and your money will be used for thatand it falls through and is communicated clearly and accounted for properly, the project creators should be fine even if all the money is gone.

The Shadow Chronicles Robotech: And there's no talk of refunds. Downloadable digital content helps provide connective material to create an epic quest. The following errors occurred with your submission.

Plus, I worked on Rifts: We did not give an arbitrary amount for some unknown reward. Per the Kickstarter terms of service and your own previous statements which have been reproduced in several of the comments hereI want a refund for all undelivered product.

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Even within the US I imagine it'd be throwing money away to resolve such a matter, for the roughly 1, international backers, it might well be impossible. Jmacq1 on March 3, Per the Kickstarter terms of service and your own previous statements which have been reproduced in several of the comments hereI want a refund for all undelivered product.

Dimensional Weight dramatically increased the anticipated shipping cost to backers. Tooling is the engineering and making of the molds. Robofech PB have been 'in talks' to 'trim the parts count' for like 1. Robotech games Megaverse Palladium Books Science fiction role-playing games Anime role-playing games Palladiym games based on anime and manga Role-playing games introduced in Mecha role-playing games. In a situation like this, a collective suit or class action would make the most sense - the biggest hurdle there of course is that someone will need to foot the bill for it.

Well, after 4 years of sporadic and weird updates at Kickstarter, it seemed pretty clear that Palladium spent all the Kickstarter money on Wave 1 and probably other non-Robotech things. Alas Ill never all my wave two rewards that I was excited about getting and reliving the battles from the Anime.

The game also suggested that members pallavium the Sentinels' races would openly join the REF. The creators of the Robotech RPG originally lacked access to the complete source material, working against deadlines based on what could be seen from show footage and limited-scope translations.

Its a bit messy.

The third image from a tweet I made in shows me putting one together.

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