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Rebecca Knight, everything was explainable. I'd still have read it because heck, a series unfinished is like half baked bread Please start the books from the first in the series to the last to really enjoy them fully. Jul 11, Suzy Black rated it it was amazing. It leaves him confused and unsure, two things he isn't used to being.

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Rama and Lakshman go to the docile region of Fort Janasthan while Bharat and Shatrughan are dispatched to war-torn Khundgiri. This act angers the council who then plead with the gods that then subsequently punish Rama by banishing him into exile. Trivia About Ramayan AD, This book shall stand testimony to the fact that I shall no longer be swayed by bad reviews. Upon reaching the forests of Dandakaranya a place near Janasthan , they are then told by an owl that the horde of Asuras that had destroyed Fort Janasthan had been busy fighting and slaughtering all the beasts of the region in the past few months.