Nuendo 3 tutorial

Importing Audio WAV Other information on the detailed use of Revoice Pro, is in the other Chapters of this User Manual found in the Revoice Pro Help Menu and in the many tutorial videos available. There are very easy, familiar and fast ways to transfer audio between Revoice Pro and Nuendo Cubase , mainly using "drag and drop" or copy and paste operations.

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RP- Using with Nuendo & Cubase

Setting Up Connections Defining the Windows For the most up-to-date information on use of Revoice Pro with Nuendo and Cubase click here. Note that you cannot copy and paste audio from Revoice Pro to Nuendo Cubase. But if there isn't room in one computer screen to see multiple program windows, you can also Copy the audio in Nuendo Cubase and Paste into a Revoice Pro track.

Note - the Playback Range track can also be at the bottom of the Revoice Pro window - if that is the Preference set. Transfer the audio to Revoiced Pro: You can repeat the above capture, process and import steps along the timeline or from any other tracks.

Nuendo 3 Course

It supports up to kHz and 24bit processing power 32bit floating point internal resolution and its cross platform, and intuitive interface make it first choice amongst many leading professionals in the industry. If the processed audio sounds correct, it can be easily transferred back to Nuendo Cubase as described next. To begin learning Nuendo 3 today, simply click on one of the movie links. If the settings in that tutoeial are correct, nuejdo click New Process button or press the keyboard N key and Revoice Pro will use the APT's User Default settings to process and play the audio.

Download for offline access.

If any further manipulations are needed, these can be done as described in the APT chapters. Lesson Notes Subscribed users can add notes to any lesson for future reference.

Using Surround Sends A dialogue window in Nuendo Cubase will appear asking whether to insert the objects either to one or different tracks. This lets you check processed audio "in place" with Nuendo audio and video before you transfer it from Revoice Pro back to Nuendo Cubase.

You can play only first 3 chapters for free.

In this case, to process all the transferred regions, the user can easily set a Playback Range in Revoice Pro to include all nueneo newly transferred audio or a sub-range just before pressing the New Process command. Release the mouse button and the waveform should appear followiing an option window to move and modify the audio.

What's more, the nufndo transferred from Nuendo Cubase are not duplicated saving storage space and housekeeping and clip names are maintained in both directions. These are both explained in detail below. A document icon should appear as shown below.

Click OK when all settings have been made. We outline both methods below.

If used right away, then the APT Process range would be set only by the range of the audio shown selected in green. Importing Audio Other Formats The user now only needs to press the New Process button at the bottom of that window or the N key on the keyboard, and the New APT tutoril control blocks and output space will be created as shown below. This issue and procedure is shown below. Back to Index Processing multiple regions transferred from Nuendo Cubase to Revoice Pro The user can easily select and transfer multiple regions of audio from a track in Nuendo Cubase to Revoice Pro 3 in a single transfer.

In Nuendo Cubase select one or more audio clips in a single track that you want to transfer to Revoice Pro to process. A simple to use interface, massive feature-lists and capabilities, and flexibility to work within gutorial own environment enables Nuendo to work with you, and not against you.

Lifetime online access to this course. Normally, the first Guide audio is placed into Track 1. Mixer and VST Instruments If the user is happy that the APT process controls are set correctly, then pressing the Space Bar on the keyboard will create the output in the designated track as shown below.

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