Hidden fires sandra brown

The heroine, Lauren Holbrook, daughter of a minister, grew up in the proper society of Clayton, South Carolina. View all 56 comments. A mass of contradictions is what he is; brash, harsh and coldly controlled one minute and tender and teasing the next. Oh the hero could be hateful but they did have some good moments together. And while we're talking about sex, I just want to add that the sex scenes in this book are pretty bad, even for an 80s romance novel.

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I find a lot of her older books set in the 80s or 90s are just too dated. Open Preview See a Problem? This is probably one of my favorite Sandra Brown books, if not my most favorite. But occasionally, phrases would pop up that did not seem typical of the s.

Not that consummation brings them any closer as the H vacillates between possessive jealousy and being completely cold and uncaring.

I enjoyed this one. La historia en general me ha encantado, pena que el final sea marca de la casa Brown, algo precipitado. May 27, Rebekah rated it did not like it. Ben is now dead, and only his wastrel son and icy wife are in residence. Was this book mind blowing? There was more depth to this book than some of her older books.

Emboldened by his impassioned plea, she stroked and caressed until she found the smooth spearhead lubricated with the precious nectar of his desire Quotes from Hidden Fires. Really not comparable to what SB writes nowadays, but still easily better than many other similar HRs out there.

So many emotions I am in a major book hangover.

Hidden Fires by Laura Jordan

And it was the first time Jared Lockett had ever been with a virgin. It fits close to the "good girl, bad boy" stereotype, but with a little more "cheese" factor in it. It was a little bit of a slow start and it's definitely a long book, but it was worth it to me.

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Now, embroiled in a nightmare of distrust and betrayal, the innocent young lady must try to melt the ice hldden hatred around the playboy's heart. How Lauren grew throughout the story, her gentleness and giving nature together with that stubborn streak of hers when it comes to those she loves and considers dear to her are her best characteristics. The heroine, Lauren Holbrook, daughter of a minister, grew up in the proper society of Clayton, South Carolina.

I absolutely adore Jared and Lauren. A maybe too angel-like and nearly indescribable goodhearted heroine and a too tough hard-hearted hero.

Hidden Fires

I really enjoyed this book, I went through an emotional rollercoaster with this book. Apart from those two superpowers, she is a foot-stomper, and the author does everything she can to remind us not just how virginal she is, but also how brownn, and dainty, and helpless, and pretty she is.

Of course they're rapey, incesty redneck hicks, because why wouldn't they be? It was like watching some pagan god who was beautiful even in his decadence.

In s Texas, a wealthy matriarch makes a scandalous offer to a preacher's daughter: Hidden Fires is an average romantic read. Overall, I enjoyed the book and fres recommend it.

Hidden Fires Book Summary and Study Guide

She is really in class by it se 5 Amazing Stars This book was I had the greatest pleasure that this book wandra my very first read and my introduction to the romance books many years ago and to say that holds a very special place in my hart is not enough. But then, she had never seen a masculine physique like this before.

Most likely, her talent has increased the more she has written. The h initially refuses but is forced to go when a local suitor tries to compromise her in order to force her to marry him, and her guardians choose to accept his version over hers. Jared, however, hates being told what to do, because he is a Real Man, and also because he has major Mommy Issues. If forced toI am pretty sure that Jared will choose cheroots and whiskey bottles over Lauren any day.

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