Sri durga saptashati

O Devi, be pleased and protect us always from fear of foes, as you have done just now by the slaughter of asuras. Because we feel something is lacking. By her, the Mahakali, who takes the form of the great destroyer at the end of time, all this cosmic sphere is pervaded. The treasures which I gathered with great care will be squandered by those constant spendthrifts, who are addicted to improper expenditures. Medhas explains further that animals act out of instinct; but humans have the added capacity to reason and make choices, although such choices are most often driven by self-interest and the expectation of results.

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My choice is this much indeed. Go back, and tell the lord of asuras carefully all this that I have said; let him do whatever he considers proper. The third part reveals the luminous, benevolent form through which the Dudga grants enlightenment and liberation. You who are such, come to me, since we are the enjoyers of the best objects.

Experience of reciting Durga Saptashati

We define ourselves by our likes and dislikes, by the people in our lives and our relationships to them, by our professions, leisure activities, religious or political affiliations and countless other factors that combine in ways zri make each one of us unique. The episode stages a world under attack by a form-shifting Mahishasuraan evil demon who uses deception to disarm his opponents, ultimately taking the form of a buffalo demon.

Hear what promise I had made already out of foolishness. She felled him also to the ground, striking him with her sword in her fury.

Then began a battle between that Devi and the enemies of the devas, in which the quarters of the sky were illumined by the weapons and arms hurled diversely. When you will be slain by me, the devas will soon roar in this very place. The more we are reined in by our defining attributes, the more we lose sight of our larger sense of self.

Some ministers of Kola plotted against king Suratha and deposed him. May this benign countenance of yours adorned with three eyes, protect us from all fears. The Bhagavad Gita begins on the battlefield, with Arjuna surveying the armies of his kinsmen on both sides, arrayed for battle.

Kaumari struck the great asura Raktabija with her spear, Varahi with her sword, and Maheshvari with her trident. Then looking at her, who had come into being from the assembled lights of all the devas, the immortals who were oppressed by Mahishasura experienced joy.

Every factor we identify with is known in Sanskrit as an upadhi, a defining attribute. Sri Ramakrishna noted how a fine new garment or a new pair of boots can change an ordinary man into a swaggering fool, or how money can make a humble man arrogant M.

Next we are drawn in deeper to observe the mind and its workings, and finally we face the fundamental question of who or what we are. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

What is Durga Saptashati - Benefits of Durga Saptashati in English

Let one listen to this glorification of mine everywhere, at a propitiatory ceremony, on seeing a bad dream, and when there is the great evil influence of planets. Mahisha represents more than monumental rage.

Ambika then, after carrying on a close fight for a very long time with him, lifted him up, whirled him around and flung him down to earth. Mahishasura, bellowing in confrontation, represents willfulness and monumental rage. By her this world is upheld. Kindle Edition File Size: Most famous is the story of Mahishasura Saptashzti — Devi as "Slayer of the Buffalo Demon" — one of the durgx ubiquitous images in Hindu art sfi sculpture, and a tale known almost universally in India.

Thereupon seeing those asuras, Chanda and Munda brought to her, the auspicious Chandika said to Kali these playful words: Ask boons of us, O divine one! Armed with sword, spear, club, discus, conch, bow, arrows, slings and iron mace, you are terrible and at the same time you are pleasing, yea more pleasing than all the pleasing things and exceedingly beautiful.

Then the asura Dhumralochana, commanded thus by Shumbha, went forth quickly, accompanied by sixty thousand asuras. All they have to do is Google search "Durga Saptashati".

Devi Mahatmya - Wikipedia

Hearing these words of the Deity, both Madhu and Kaitabha said: Customers who bought this item also bought. Then the King chose a kingdom, imperishable even in another life, and in this life itself, restoration of his own kingdom wherein the power of his enemies is destroyed by force. Then, crying in consternation, the whole asura army perished; and all the hosts of deva were in exultation.

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