Mircea cartarescu nostalgia

Biggest online retailer in Romania estimates EUR 85 mln sales this For those who are not afraid of mirrors that refract the imperfect light of their beings, of fiction transfiguring reality and words reaching the condition of immortality. Nov 13, Yuki Black rated it it was amazing.

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Great themes and ideas but too weighed down by unnecessary verbiage. The next one "REM" is not difficult to describe. Mar 20, Declan rated it it was amazing Shelves: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The impulses of the future begin to assert themselves. The five stories seemed to be related in moments. Luring you in with the realistic details, the author treats the worldview of a child with utmost seriousness and when the nosfalgia and descriptions reach a certain point of hyper-realism, you start to feel nauseous and somehow exp This is a strange book, mesmerizing, hypnotizing and pretentious, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

May 10, Dolors rated it really liked it Recommends it for: On the other hand, this book is hard to dygest. Languages Svenska Edit links. View all 5 comments. Piling paint on a canvas to create texture and meaning is one thing, but an analogous strategy in literature does not typically work with me.

We're giv There is a place in the world where the impossible is possible, namely fiction, that is, literature. We felt as though we were in the temple of a powerful and incomprehensible deity. Readers opening the pages of Nostalgia should brace themselves for a verbal tidal wave of the imagination that will wash away previous ideas nnostalgia what a novel is or ought to be.

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Nostalgia by Mircea Cărtărescu

No, I don't wish to reach the point of being a great writer, I want to reach The All. This translation introduces to English a writer who has always had a place reserved for him in a constellation that includes the Brothers Grimm, E. I was interested in getting into Romanian literature which I had never read and also because I fully trust Jorge's taste nnostalgia books.

Sep 01, Fernando rated it it was amazing. You, who read to infuse life into dormant worlds that are waiting to be awakened.

Book Insider: Nostalgia by Mircea Cartarescu

Reading this nosfalgia has been challenging. Again and again we can bring our particular version of this man and all the other characters of this novel if it is a novel into a contingent existence.

He currently teaches film editing at the North Carolina School of the Arts, after a twenty-four-year career as a film editor in Hollywood.

We're giving life to someone. I barely noticed those around me.

I dream incessantly of a creator who, through his art, can actually influence the life of all beings, and then the life of the entire universe, to the most distant stars, to the end of space and time. I would have given it 5. Nostalgia is a compendium of three short stories and two novellas the two have more than one hundred pages nostaogia.

The second one "Mentardy" is about a man who is remembering his cartsrescu in his old neighborhood, and his adventures with a little boy who they nicknamed mentardy. Romania, among most affected EU countries by high housing prices 9 Nov The story is so well written and so absorbing that you can't pretty much do anything until you finish it.

Please note that these ratings solely represent the complete review 's biased interpretation cartarrescu subjective opinion of the actual reviews and do not claim to accurately reflect or represent the views of the reviewers.

Book Insider: Nostalgia by Mircea Cartarescu | Romania Insider

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His fantastic novels are a powerful exercise of imagination and, for me, the frequent details to several fields of science were a feast for example, in "Gemenii" the author describes the dungeons and exhibitions from Antipa Natural History Museum in Bucharest, or in "The architect" the story closes with cosmological images. It is like a reason to be a reader: The pieces, too, range in a spectrum from conventional to hard-to-pin-down.

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