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Proceedings of Interspeech, Antwerp, Belgium. Language and Cognitive Processes , 29, A written word is worth a thousand spoken words: Journal of Memory and Language , 64,

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Traitement Automatique des Langues, 49, Cognition, Do speakers have access to a mental syllabary?

A trial by trial multiple regression analysis from stimulus onset to response. Lexical representation of schwa words: Differences in processing times for distractors and pictures modulate the influence of distractors in psychholinguistique interfrence tasks. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, July Electrophysiological characterization of facilitation and interference in the picture-word interference paradigm.

Producing and recognizing words with two pronunciation variants: Legal versus illegal syllables. Society for the Neurobiology of language, Amsterdam.

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Phonological encoding of noun phrase production by German-French bilinguals. Evidence for abstract lexical representations in the production lexicon.

Evidence from pre-readers and readers. Lexical representation of phonological variants: What affects the presence versus absence of schwa and its duration: Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, ERP comparison of high frequency and novel syllable production.

Phonetic reduction versus phonological deletion of French schwa: Sequential processing during noun phrase production. Factors influencing schwa deletion and duration: Usage frequency in spoken word processing.

Learning, Memory, and Cognition38, Evidence from pseudohomophone effects in different regiolects. Journal cuors Experimental Psychology: Language and Cognitive Processes29, Learning, Memory, and Cognition40, Journal of Phonetics39, Evidence from novel schwa words.

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Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psycholog y, 65, Freiburg, Germany, May International meeting of the Psychonomic SocietyGrenada, Spain. Phonological variation and lexical representation in speech production: On the categorical nature of French schwa.

Frontiers in Language Sciences.

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