The latehomecomer

Books Featured In This Story. Item s unavailable for purchase. This is their story, as told by the second daughter of the youngest son of this large family. The Best Books of Dec 31, Rock rated it really liked it.

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In the beginning, she did not have the words to say anything.

I came to read this memoir with Anne Fadiman's recommendation on the cover. So patehomecomer read not just the tale of a young family escaping through jungles thick with danger to starve in the squalor of a refugee camp and eventually transmogrify timidly into Minnesotans, but we delight in the legends of a pre-literate culture and weep with its brutal reality as experienced by this latehomecomer.

Yang but rather h I've been flagellating trying to write a review of this story, I think because I want so badly to relate it to the multitude of political cultural historical events that it skirts, always affected by them but rarely addressing them. View Full Version of PW. About this title Audio Format. She herself, was born in Thailand, in a refugee camp, after her parents had to flee the jungles and try to get Thailand. In what is called The Secret War Hmong boys from Laos were recruited to fight against communist forces.

She also beautifully conveys her childhood experience in the Thai refugee camps and her family's resettlement in St Paul, Minnesota--how necessary her family bonds were for their survival and, as many immigrants know, how incredibly hard they worked to provide for their families. The 10 Best Emily Dickinson Poems. From inside the book. As Yang wryly notes, they studied the Vietnam War at school, without their lessons ever mentioning that the Hmong had been fighting laethomecomer the Americans.

Excerpt: 'The Latehomecomer'

Kao slowly finds her voice in literature which leads to a degree from Hamline University. As I drive around St. In the words of her father: Oct 25, Kent Gerber rated it it was amazing. Thailand wanted to close its refugee camps, send away the remnants from the war:.

She told me they were Hmong. View all 18 comments. The way she explains her grandmother, latehomwcomer central character of the story, is so slow, showing and not telling, leaving out over-wrought psycholog I worked with a Hmong guy for about a year and he told some stories about the fighting in Laos. She said good-bye to her grandmother from Laos, from Thailand, latehomecmoer America, from the world of the living, and on sheets of white paper.

Books of the Week. This book hit home for me, literally. A beautiful, well written memoir that describes one Hmong family's journey from the Secret War and its aftermath in Laos and Thailand to coming to America as refugees and latehomecomerr to obtain the "American Dream" while still holding onto their culture.

I knew that our chance was here. Yang struggled as a child with English, school, and double expectations.

Excerpt: 'The Latehomecomer' : NPR

I am shocked at how little I knew of the Hmong. Published by Coffee House Press: I recommend this book to anyone, especially Americans who will finish this book smarter and much more compassionate than when they began.

Beginning in the s, as the Hmong were being massacred for their collaboration with the United States during the Vietnam War, Yang recounts the harrowing story of her family's captivity, the daring rescue undertaken by her father and uncles, and their narrow escape into Thailand where Yang was born in the Ban Vinai Refugee Camp.

The details of everything from flight from soldiers in the jungle, young children roaming the refugee camps, the pain and joy of families trying to stay together moving from country to country and settling in the U. For those who were older, the case was also easy to figure. I have given both five stars. A third of the Hmong died in the war with the Americans. I feel ashamed that I don't know more about the plight of the Hmong seeing as I live in one of the three states where Hmong are most prevalent, and especially because my faith is Lutheran, who played a major role in getting the Hmong to America.

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