Skinny body care compensation plan

This gives you a very powerful way to share in total company revenue and put even more money in your pocket each and every month. See a short movie - http: Notify me of new comments via email. Fast Start Bonuses are paid on the first order of new customers and distributors. When the second month comes up and they want to order they have to manually log in and order.

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They receive 1 product and not 6. Skinny Body Care has grown since into what appears to be a relatively healthy MLM opportunity today. For example, if you achieved the rank of Diamond in June, you would be paid as a Diamond for June volume compensatin the commissions you receive the first week of July for June volume.

Fast Start Bonuses and Overrides are paid out based on the initial product purchase of new customers and distributors based on Business Volume BV assigned to the product package they purchase.

Showing 1 to 3 of 3 entries. The enroller does not get that month 2. This gives you a very powerful way to share in total company revenue and put even more money in your pocket each and every month.

Skinny Body Care Review ยป Direct Selling Facts, Figures and News

This qualification can be achieved either by purchasing product for your own personal consumption or by retailing the product to others. But at least ekinny it to him for wholesale, geez! All percentages paid out in the compensation plan are based on that Business Volume BV.

Because we do not know how much product you will sell or how many distributors you will introduce, we cannot guarantee how much income you will earn or that you will make a profit. Infinity matching bonuses are paid infinite levels deep based on rank qualifications in your enroller tree. It should be free. With that in mind, we have created the most powerful compensation program in the industry, and our matching bonuses prove it!

Earnings per level column is compensatjon example purposes only.

Skinny Body Care Pay Plan

When the second month comes up and they want compensaiton order they have to manually log in and order. They do not compensationn the power line system and they do NOT recruit many Distributers. That alone tells you how they use fear of loss as a tactic to get people to join. With our exclusive state of the art systems in place, we can effectively monitor the quality and effectiveness of our staff better than most companies can with them working in the office next door Products Weight Management.

So a custom gets 6 for You are commenting using your WordPress. Skinny Fiber causes the stomach to fill full with less food consumption.

Notes by Tee Jay. This will allow you to earn income on all product purchases and sales for customers and distributors, after their initial order, up to 8 levels in your matrix. Oct 4th, at Feedback Melanie from Germany: The requirement to get paid on the entire compensation plan is to be compensatioon with 1 order a month i.

It is rarely utilized but available.

Skinny Body Compensation Plan | Skinny Body Care with Krista

Email will not be published required. No benefit to the sponsor or to the compensation plan other than the normal 1 order. Oct 28th, at 8: Sections of this page. They are sent 1 bottle and commissions go out the same as a second month order.

In addition to weight loss, the detoxification benefits of Skinny Body Care helps the body to release excess fluids and generates an overall feeling of well being with an increase in energy and stamina. On top of the commissions that you can earn in your own organization, you also have the ability to match a percentage of ALL of the commissions that EVERYONE in your organization earns each and every month.

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