Hail caesar rules

Combat and Morale Ranged combat is straight-forward. This is an engaging mechanic. Editor in Chief Bill. The command mechanic and movement takes 10 pages to explain. If the rules don't get in the way of my having fun, then they're not bad.

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That's not really nothing.

I usually caear until an outcome is clear. You have it, I don't like rubbish rules. But you get the idea. Some playtesters including myself found this tedious as games wore on.

Hail Caesar Warlord Games was recently voted as the best ruleset for reenacting an ancient historical battle. It does provide a fair amount of chaos and angst to those who don't have a solid plan going into the game.

Our Romans beated Carthago I hope caesxr not suggesting a different historical result is an indictment of a rule set. It sounds like I will need to look these over and see if they manage to rekindle my long-dormant interest in Ancients.

We thought the latter and allowed the mounted rulees to turn, later finding the rule that open order troops e. Hastings Demo ; Cavalry Base Test.

Hand-to-hand combat occurs when units come into contact. Back to the Ancients Rules Forum Boards. That said I still play some WAB.

Hail Caesar - Age of Caesar Review. It's also carsar to understand that Hail Caesar is a casual play and scenario-focused ruleset, one that doesn't favour tournament play. Instead, it provides a list of generic caesaar types and a series of special rules that allow players to customize units to reflect historical abilities in 26 pages. Having said that, thanks for the heads up on Mortem et Gloriam.

We did not find any gameplay problems associated with scaling distances down, and we think this is a strength of the system.

Without a headache either! There are topics listed on this page. Continuing Mutiny and some Bavarians 2 days ago. Rebasing 28mm Gauls 23 hours ago. Forrester 1 week ago.

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OK I only flicked through Hail Caesar this afternoon but I could see nothing about Roman units exchanging lines in combat. Greeks rles Persians - Devon Wargames Group. An English tabletop gamer reminisces about years of gaming, documents his many future defeats and offers whatever tips about modelling or other matters cross his mind at the time We thought this indicated a solid set of rules. I have to go to the box in the shed where I keep it along with a few more pointless rule sets and frankly I would be happy if I never opened HC again.

Same sort of movement system but it was not trying to take itself seriously. Hai, Demo ; Baggage Vignette Added Game X conforms closer to you existing biases, and Game Y doesn't.

Does the general proximity rule require the horse continue to face the skirmishers or can the horse turn to address the greater threat of a formed foot unit that was about to charge? In general, this rule and the other special 'Useful Rules' found toward the end of the book allow players to customize their units and armies to match their historical characteristics and performance for specific scenarios. Stephen Holmes 15 October,

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